DAY 1: MONDAY, October 16th ⤵️
13:00 Gates are Open - Welcome Coffee and Snacks
14:00 Welcome & Interactive Get Together
14:40 Getting to know the Participants
15:00 Getting into the Topic
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Deepening of the Topic
16:45 Presenting LABs and Orientating
17:00 - 18:30 LAB 1 SESSIONS
🥁 Rebel Framework (Nidhi Sathiyamoorthy)
Dive deep into the theme of the conference, 'Entering Brave(r) Spaces.' We're breaking free from stereotypes and biases, and embracing the power of Rebels, Mavericks, and Non-Conformists. In a changing world, it is an attempt to see and understand the power structure of a Rebel Framework around us and to find ways to tackle with them. 
🥁 The brave space of sorted democracy  – Facilitating inclusiveness in Citizens’ Assemblies (Giuliana M. Gemini and Alessandro Cattini)
Have you ever experienced the bravery of democratic processes based on sortition by lot? Have you ever facilitated a deliberative participatory process? Would you like to know more about how to make Citizens’ Assemblies more inclusive? 
Our Lab session will be an occasion to explore what it means to empower randomly selected citizens that take part in this kind of processes, by supporting them to cooperate with local and national administrations to take bold decisions on the future of their communities. We will consider different perspectives on the kind of “bravery” and inclusivity that Citizens’ Assemblies require: 
- Being brave public administrators: how to open democratic institutions to deliberative democracy?
- Designing inclusive participation: how to facilitate and ensure the invitation and participation of marginalized groups? How to design and facilitate inclusive learning processes on the topics of the assembly?
- Allowing citizens to “hold the stake” of participation: how to facilitate randomly selected citizens to feel included, adequate and allowed to share their needs and opinions, cross the "engagement border" and give their contribution for the common good?
Starting from these questions, we will consider different ways of facilitating the relationship between administrators and citizens, while making Citizens’ Assemblies more inclusive and welcoming for people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and social backgrounds.
🥁 The Brave Space of Self-Awareness (Celeste Brito)
Unlock the hidden potential of time, the ultimate catalyst for transformational thinking. Discover how harnessing this powerful insight transforms awareness and fosters brave spaces for personal and team development. All conference attendees are invited to map their own thinking with the MindTime Survey (Link will be provided soon).

18:30 Closing of the Day 1
🔥 19:30 Meeting at the Fireplace and Welcome Dinner 🔥


DAY 2: TUESDAY, October 17th ⤵️
08:30 Gates are Open - Coffee & Snacks
09:00 Start of the Day - Get Together
10:00 - 12:15 LAB 2 SESSIONS (short break included)
🥁 Flower Power — Exploring Identity (Dr. Bhulakshmi Vella and Madhujit Singh)
Each of us has a range of identities, such as gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, ethnicity, age, education, and work experience. These identities, whether we acknowledge them or not, influence our interactions with others, whether at work or in other contexts. Some of these identities may cause discomfort due to experiences of privilege or oppression in our social circles. By reflecting on these hidden identities and their challenges, we gain a deeper understanding of how they, along with power dynamics and exclusion, affect our authenticity and interactions with those facing similar or different challenges. In this session, we'll use the concept of an "identity flower" to provide a safe space for participants to explore and embrace repressed aspects of themselves, potentially leading to a sense of wholeness.
🥁 Space: Ultimate Frontier — Workshop about Processes, Patterns and Paradox** (Jan Lelie)
Everybody facilitates, like everybody unconsciously talks prose. Thinking and acting happens pragmatically: behaving, moving through “space”. Relationships with each other and “space” classify our movements. Where you stand, depends on where you sit. Facilitators engage behaviours in real space and in “mental space”, using body and language. What do you mean by “brave space”? How to use it?  In this workshop you’ll explore ways of using space based on “Clean Space”, “Clean Language” (both originated by David Grove) and making constellations (based on Virginia Satir). The workshop is intended for both new and experiences facilitators. Jan Lelie CPF|M has been conducting workshops on many international (IAF) conferences and is known for his thought-provoking approach. He has been trained in the methods of Satir and certified in the psychology of metaphor by Kim Hermanson.
🥁 Be Brave Like Ukraine: How Metaphors Balance Safe and Brave Spaces (Anna Klymenko, Olha Bershadska and Nataliia Orlova)
Do you feel brave enough to invite your groups to sensitive discussions? Do you feel comfortable when difficult participants speak up? Or when participants keep silent? In this lab, we are going to:
-dive into the power of metaphors as a tool for facilitating difficult conversation,
-share practical cases on how metaphor can be used in sensitive contexts,
-test our bravery to use metaphors in our sessions.
🥁 Power Walk your Way into Braver Spaces! (Shalaka Gundi)
Are you eager to create more open, inclusive and equitable group spaces, but find yourself unsure of the subtle influences that impact discussions and outcomes? Join in for a groundbreaking session that delves deep into the world of stereotypes, discrimination and power dynamics!
Step into the shoes of those who often face marginalization and stereotyping in group settings. Through the "Power-Walk" exercise, you'll gain firsthand insight into the challenges some participants encounter when they hold back from contributing due to characteristics that others may not take seriously.
Individually, you will embark on a journey of profound self-reflection. Thought-provoking questions will guide you to explore your experiences during the Power-Walk and uncover hidden biases that may affect your interactions in group spaces.

12:15 Reaching out into the city: What does it mean?
13:00 🍽️ LUNCH
14:00 Exploring brave city spaces in Berlin
Guided research groups to special places in Berlin, accompanied by ambassadors/guides
17:00 HARVEST on Collective and Individual Level
18:30 Closing of the Day
🔥 19:30 Meeting at the fireplace 🔥


DAY 3: WEDNESDAY, October 18th ⤵️
08:30 - 9.30 Members’ Meeting (open for all)
Get to know IAF (International Association of Facilitators)
9:00 Gates are Open - Coffee & Snacks
09:30 Get Together
10:00 OPEN SPACE  
🥁 LAB 3 Open Space (Gerardo de Luzenberger)
14:00 Closing of the conference

— Whoever is interested can continue into WOSonOS, the worldwide open space community, that will start in the evening (official start the next day) —

🎉 19:30 PARTY! 🎉