Entering brave(r) spaces – facilitating beyond beaten tracks

„How can we recognize barriers to participation and find ways of addressing them?“ The IAF conference in Berlin on October 16-18th will be an opportunity for us facilitators to share ideas, learn, and expand our knowledge, to network and collaborate. In essence, the conference will be about creating greater awareness with and among colleagues of the issues of power and difference, structural discrimination and privilege and what this means for us in shaping spaces of communication and dialogue.

Information on the event, the venue and where to stay

About the conference

We are inviting to enter brave(r) spaces: spaces where we can challenge our preconceptions (conscious and/or unconscious stereotypes and biases) we hold about the world, acknowledging inequalities and asymmetries of power - in groups and among people generally - and exploring what it means for us.


Beach Mitte is a unique venue located in the heart of Berlin, right where the Berlin Wall used to divide the city centre up to 1989. Apart from rooms for conferences and meetings, Beach Mitte offers an oasis of healthy activities such as beach volleyball, climbing, among other recreational activities. The Beach Mitte campus also provides a limited contingent of exciting tiny house type accommodation for early bookings.

Where to stay

We try to offer as much private housing as possible. We also have reserved the comfortable 2-bed and 4-bed cubes for you in Beach Mitte, right on site; and there are plenty of hotels, guest houses and hostels within walking distance.

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The Team

This is the Organising Team that welcomes you

  • Jutta Weimar

    Jutta is a certified professional facilitator (CPF) since 2017 and IAF German chapter lead. She facilitates with love and passion since more than 25 years and runs the “Facilitation Academy” in Berlin.

    • Frederik Wortmann

      Frederik has spent 20 years facilitating spaces for cooperative learning, development and self-organization. In the last years he mainly focused on prevention and intervention of the abuse of power in organisations. He is facilitator, trainer and mediator – cooperation partner of Facilitation Academy, inmedio berlin and a member of boscop eG.

      • Monika Hejduk

        Monika is an expert strategist and facilitator, driven by a passion for enabling successful outcomes. She is specialized in navigating the intersections of brand and human experience, crafting holistic and meaningful encounters. She leverages her expertise in digital and analog domains to bridge interdisciplinary aspects.

        • Barbara Zuber

          Barbara has been facilitating organizational transformation and change processes for about 30 years. Surviving and thriving in complexity is one of her favorites. Since 2007she runs the “school of facilitating”, Berlin, together with her partner Renate Franke and a team of colleagues. Together with Jutta and Anton she tries to do her best for the IAF Germany.

          • Albrecht Schürhoff

            Albrecht is an expert facilitator, leadership developer, coach and business mediator with almost 25 years of experience. He specializes in facilitating multi-stakeholder events – mainly on the basis of OpenSpace Technology (OST) formats. These events have recently included “challenging” stakeholder groups, notably homeless people and their representatives. (Missing on the teamphoto).

            • Katrin Himmler

              Katrin is a political scientist and freelance author, working on topics as Right Wing Extremism and Racism since many years. In preparation of the conference she is responsible for the back office and contact to the participants. She will be present during all the conference, in the role of your contact person for upcoming questions and needs.